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Maree Walk is the principal of Storyroad.

Maree is the Director of StoryRoad.  She’s a consultant, coach and writer. 


Maree will help you think through what to do next: she’ll work with you on what is, what if, what wows and what works - for you and your organisation. 


Maree has had experience leading and implementing many government and non-government initiatives in the welfare area in Australia over the last thirty years.   


Maree was Deputy Secretary, Family and Community Services NSW up till April 2017, so she knows government, how it works and how to get things done in government. Prior to that she was Chief Executive, Community Services, NSW. She led or helped lead many of the key initiatives in welfare, community and development, inclusion over the last fifteen years.


She has NGO Executive experience leading Benevolent Society for eleven years and has served on peak bodies such as Families Australia, CAFWA, ACWA and GoodStart’s Expert Advisory Group. 


Maree and Storyroad are unique in that they are able to work in partnership with other consultancies and agencies to get the outcomes you want.  


“I understand the role of conversation in starting projects -- you’re welcome to call me when you’re getting started.  I often know who's doing what and how I or someone else can help you get where you want to go."

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