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Maree coaches executives and CEs of large and small agencies in NGOs and government departments.  Her experience in leading the largest Child Protection department in the southern hemisphere means she knows the anxiety of high stakes and complex issues.  

“I love coaching teams and individuals.  I see first hand the difference it makes - more productive and outward looking staff who tackle problems early.  I’m amazed at how hard my clients work to achieve their goals and it is always a privilege to work with them.  My initial social work training was very strong on listening, and I’m really enjoying listening again.  I’m trained in motivational interviewing and CBT, and know how to apply these to the coaching.  I am trained in story telling also and help you to find and tell your own story, and listen within your organisation to the stories your staff tell. I know the difference between counselling and therapy and coaching, so you can be confident that I can refer you to a good counsellor if you need it whilst we focus on the work at hand.

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