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Maree is a Level 2 Coach and an accredited member of the International Coach Federation. She coaches executives and CEs of large and small agencies in NGOs and government departments.   I have worked with colleagues looking to transition into more senior roles, preparing for interviews, and those who are leading large organisations in complex areas. 

"Maree has worked with me with a high degree of respect, transparency and honesty.... I have utilised Maree's experience, knowledge and wisdom in supporting me as an executive in my complex work, through difficult times, growth and development and executive recruitment." Chief Operating Officer, NGO

"The mentoring sessions with Maree have been invaluable in my transition to executive level management... my confidence and approach to leadership has grown immensely since being mentored by Maree".  Executive Director, NSW

"I am feeling so fortunate that we started to work together through the mentoring program because look how much good has come and will come from that connection for me professionally and for the broader organisation. Amazing!"  CEO, NGO

I love coaching teams and individuals.  I see first hand the difference it makes - more productive and outward looking staff who tackle problems early.


My experience in leading the largest Child Protection department in the southern hemisphere means I am acutely aware of the  anxiety of high stakes and complex issues. I’m also amazed at how hard my clients work to achieve their goals and it is always a privilege to work with them.  My initial social work training was very strong on listening, and I’m really enjoying listening again.  I’m trained in motivational interviewing and CBT, and know how to apply these to the coaching.  


I am trained in story telling also and help you to find and tell your own story, and listen within your organisation to the stories your staff tell. I know the difference between counselling and therapy and coaching, so you can be confident that I can refer you to a good counsellor if you need it whilst we focus on the work at hand.

Editing and Writing

Maree left the public service to pursue her interest in writing and working with individuals and organisations.   


She writes and edits all kinds of documents - from tenders, strategic plans and corporate plans, story-documents for agencies.  


I am also passionate about the use of organisational story-telling for change and the use of podcasting to tell human change stories that motivate and inspire staff and supporters of organisations. I can hear the story within a document or project.

I am a produced and broadcast and performed playwright as well as a trained screenwriter and audio story developer and producer.  


Systems, technology, structures and people — planning incorporates all of the these days.  Maree works with teams and executives to make great use of planning so that lasting value is extracted from the project or the strategic plan or the bigger design.  I also think that stories are helpful in planning, and help agencies use stories to motivate the planning,  big picture and details within. 


Storyroad uses Maree’s expertise and some colleagues for larger work. Maree is a collaborator by nature, and really enjoys partnering with other agencies or colleagues from other agencies.  She also works on other consultancies projects because she enjoyed the variety and value she can add to a wide group of projects.  

Culture Change and Development

Most projects have a change component and you can’t bring the change work in when all else fails - I think it is like the chorus to verses in songs - a refrain that carries you along in the structure of your projects. I am well-versed in implementation science, co-design and design thinking as ways of managing change and focusing on the types of problems and different ways to tackle them.  

I am also passionate about the use of organisational story-telling for change and the use of podcasting and videos to tell human change stories that motivate and inspire staff and supporters of organisations to keep moving. 

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