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The program will cover:


Part One – Workshop 

 Topic one: coaching essentials

What the research tells us about coaching.  Setting your intention about Coaching in the Everyday: How to make it happen. Methods available to use in the everyday coaching. Observe Coaching Scenarios, Practise Listening and Asking Questions.


Topic two: Get cracking: practising listening, asking questions – coaching practise

Identify coaching question sequences for the workplace and how to habituate your coaching approach.  Learn to use essential coaching tools: active listening, questions, beautiful questions, summarising. 


Topic three: Implementing change: How to habituate your everyday coaching

Try out varied techniques, get feedback on your ability to apply coaching skills.  Implementing change – planning to make coaching a habit for you in the everyday with implementation planning and designing your part two of the coaching program. 


Part Two – Application 

Over the next weeks you will have three work-based micro-learning opportunities to habituate your coaching approach into your management routine.  We will regroup in a Webinar to share what’s working and where we’re needing further support.


Who should attend? 

The program will have Directors, Managers and Team Leaders who manage staff.  This is a program to help you apply coaching in your management skills immediately. We will be practising skills throughout the program, but not role-playing. It is not an executive coaching program. 


Sydney: 1 November - $660 pp; $1,200 for two. 

Brisbane: 6 November - $660pp; $1,200 for two. 

Melbourne: 15 November - $660pp, $1,200 for two. 

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